Junkyard Juggernauts

~ A Pixel Art Board Game of Magic Infused Mechs~

Junkyard Juggernauts Box Art Prototype

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A pixel art card game where you are drafting to build, and fueling to fight!

Junkyard Juggernauts Playtest

The land of Galmenni is in peril and its only hope is you... and the Junkyard.

A Warlord is sacking the cities of Galmenni and your parents, the king and queen, have disappeared. Your tutor Dobern leads you out of danger and into the junkyard.

Now you must find the parts among the scrap heap to remake one of the Juggernauts from the old wars - one that can free the cities of Galmenni and defeat the Warlord.

But beware, there might be one among you tempted by the Warlord to betray the rest.


Gameplay Overview

Galmenni Junkyard pile where you draft cards from

Step 1 - Search for Parts

Draft cards from the "junkyard" deck - picking the parts you want to build your juggernaut.

Junkyard Juggernauts building the Juggernaut

Step 2 - Build your Juggernaut

Build your Juggernaut with the parts that give you the best bonuses and help specialize your Mageineer.

Junkyard Juggernauts - Facing one of the Junk Golems

Step 3 - Rescue the Cities

Search for the Warlord in the cities of Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth - rescuing them from any Junk-Golems left by the Warlord.

Junkyard Juggernauts - Showdown with the Warlord Boss Juggernaut

Step 4 - Fight the Warlord

Mageineers team up to take on the Warlord's boss Juggernaut.If the Warlord is defeated, the Mageineers win the game, rescuing the land.But if all the Mageineers are defeated, the Warlord wins and rules Galmenni!

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